Choosing the right Spray Booth for your business!

Choose Safety, Compliance and Affordability!

The Spray Booth is the #1 key component to running a productive, efficient and successful automotive or industrial business.  Having A Spray booth improves the efficiency of your business in many ways, from safety and compliance to the environment.  The right spray booth can make or break your company by increasing productivity, reducing paint cycles and reducing operating costs, as well as give you a competitive advantage by allowing more professional painting results.

MDI Spray Systems specializes in Spray Booths that are manufactured, designed and engineered to assure maximum protection to the painter and safety for the property. Spraying paint in open areas is dangerous, messy and most uncomfortable both to the painter and to any person in the area. Today, all modern paint shops are equipped with efficient spray booths in which paint is sprayed.

Choosing the right spray booth can have many benefits such as:

  • Safety – The fumes from most paints, thinners and coating materials can be very volatile, and create a safety hazard if built up.  The Spray booth assists by safely carrying these fumes out of the spraying area, lowering the risk of fire hazard.
  • Worker Safety – Controlled work environment and work flow area. Booths are well lit, providing better visibility to the operators and painters.
  • Finished Product Quality – Not only does a Spray Booth carry away VOC or volatile fumes, but also carries away paint over spray.  Thus reducing the possibility of costly over spray damage to already sprayed products.
  • Environmentally Friendly – Keeping the fumes contained and vented properly, contribute to more fresh air in the environment, as well as the health and well being of the painter.  Ozone emissions are reduced.
  • Increase Productivity and Profits – By reducing disposal costs, clean up times, painting cycles and faster curing.

There are a few factors to consider when choosing a spray booth that is right for you.
1.     What Materials will you be spraying/painting?  Drying speed?
2.     What method of application? Air Atomization, Airless Atomization, or Electrostatic?
3.     What are your production goals? Continuous spraying, limited or intermittent spraying?
4.     What is the number of sprayers using the booth?
5.     What is the space available for the booth?
6.     What type of cabin do you need? Closed Faced (with doors) or open face (without doors)
7.     What type of airflow design? Down Draft? Cross Draft? Or Side Draft?
8.     What type of Air Pressure? Negative or Positive?

The various differences in Paint Booths
Cross Flow Paint Booths – Fresh air enters in through the booth entry doors in the front and exhausted though a filter system on the opposite end of the booth.

1000Series – Semi Down Draft Paint Booths  – Draws fresh air through the ceiling in the front, it is filtered twice, and then exhausted through a filter system in the corners, on the opposite end of the paint booth.

2000Series Side Down Draft Paint Booths – Provides ideal airflow for easy paint application with minimal surface contamination. This paint booth draws fresh air through a double set of filters in the ceiling and exhausts out of each sidewall along the bottom of the booth.

3000Series Full Down Draft Paint Booths – Designed to direct the airflow entering the fully ceiling plenum and exhaust it through the full lower exhaust flow base filtered plenum.  This booth is specifically designed to increase productivity, reduce paint cycles and operating costs.

Reverse Flow Paint Booth – The exhaust is located in the front near the drive in doors and the fresh air enters through the rear wall. This allows any debris near the drive in door to be pulled directly into the exhaust. This paint booth provides great air filtration at the entrance of the booth, limiting shop dust from entering the booth.

Open Face Paint Booth – This paint booth draws air through the open front, which is then exhausted through the back wall filters.

MDI Spray Systems takes pride in manufacturing, designing and fabricating the best quality spray booths with over 25 years experience.  We manufacture and fabricate all booths in our plant in Pomona, CA.  We offer a variety of Spray Booth models to choose from as well as custom designed models to fit almost any application and budget. All MDI Booths are built to comply with OSHA guidelines, AQMD, EPA Certifications, and adhere to all building permits and codes.

Let the professionals at MDI Spray Systems answer any questions you may have and help you choose the right booth or start the process of designing a custom booth. We are fully licensed, bonded and insured.

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